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Friday, May 25, 2012

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

A Cowardly Act Against My Mother Helped Discover A Crime

كم بلغت تكاليف إقامة عريقات وعشرواي وشعث في العاصمة النمساوية فينا
قيادات فتحاوية تتساءل: لماذا تجاهل د. شعث أوضاع الحركة الفتحاوية المترهلة في النمسا
ترتيبات تسبق مفاوضات سرية بين إسرائيل والسلطة الفلسطينية في العاصمة النمساوية
السلطة الفلسطينية تحجب إتصالاتي مع الداخل الفلسطيني وأمي تعتقد أنني ميتة
For some time, months, I did not receive calls from home, from my family in Palestine, so I called my Mam yesterday to see what is going on. What she told me was a shocking surprise, the kind of sick idea which only occur to psychopaths when they become scared as their crimes and their betrayals are exposed.
My Mam had been trying to call me for over a month and always my number was dead or she was redirected to a tape saying that this number “is not available”. She became worried and went to several relatives to ask they call me, and also there my number could not be reached. My Mam, who is well beyond the age of 80 years, became scared and started talking to acquaintances even in other cities to ask if they could call me, and for everybody my phone number was unreachable. My poor Mam became convinced that something must have happened to me, that perhaps I had died and nobody had been there to bring me to a decent grave, she went to my sisters, brothers, relatives and together they had been holding prayers and mourning for me.
I spoke to some people about this and found out that what had happened was that the PA, specifically the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (PTIT), blocked my number so that nobody could call me from anywhere in Palestine. The PTIT, like the whole PA repressive apparatus, is near, geographically and in their hearts, to the israeli occupation administration in Beit Il. They have many motives to do such a thing. I suspect that one motive would be that the Israelis have now included me on one of their death lists, which they regularly hand over to, or compile together with their PA partners in crime to “work on”. Since the PA has no way of getting at me without embarrassing themselves, they did this to at least show their paymasters “good will”. Another probable reason for the PA doing this is because I have exposed many of their crimes to interested readers outside of Palestine.

Some other possible motives of the PA to block my phone number would be
1 – the PNA believes that blocking my number will prevent further contact between Palestinians in the West Bank and me and so limit the information about the reproachable activities of the PNA and its continuous violations of the human rights in occupied Palestine, which is fully under the power of the zionist colonists.
2 – I have filed several criminal complaints against occupation personnel for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the past. There would be pressure from the israelis on the PA to prevent such criminal complaints from being filed in the future, and the PA perhaps thinks that this is an appropriate way to implement the wishes of their employers in Tel Aviv, Brussels and Washington.
3 – Like all tyrants, the PA engages in reprehensible conduct against Palestinians who are not of the liking of their masters, and their record of human rights violations is long and sordid.
The PA regularly jails and tortures people for no reason at all. They re-arrest political prisoners released by the israelis, they have recycled the most disgusting practices of the israeli occupation, like using inhuman pre-1967 Jordanian laws in their corrupt judicial system and military courts to impose strict censorship to jail journalists for “opening their mouth”, to justify “honor”-killings of women and girl, to legalize forced incest, to de-facto relegate women to third-class humans and exclude them from all social- and political activity. Like all tyrants, the PA does this all for profit and for the joy of causing pain to others, but they hide their crimes because they know very well that what they do is deeply wrong. They “think” that by blocking my number they will prevent me or anybody else from speaking to Palestinians in the West bank and finding about their crimes.
I have motive to think that if I am actually included in an israeli death list as I suspect, this would be the direct result of a declaration which President Abbas made before Austrian President Dr. Fischer during his visit to Vienna last November of 2011. During a reception at the Kreisky House, in my presence and in the presence of people connected to the EU, to the Austrian government, to Bilderberger, President Abbas declared that he was willing “since today” to cooperate with a “committee against incitement against israel”. Such a declaration means an automatic sentence to harassment, surveillance, jail, torture for hundreds of political activists, journalists … disliked by the occupation for exercising their fundamental right to political expression and resistance against the illegitimate occupier, israel. This corresponds with the known activity of the PA during the last half year.
This is a very worrying development for me personally. I was much saddened by the pain this childish act from the PA caused to my old mother and the rest of my family, but the future worries me even more. In the past, other thuggish regimes, for example Tunisia, have blocked the phone numbers of dissidents in exile and then proceeded to arrest and torture anybody they thought were in contact with these people. Because of this precedent, I am worried about what could happen to me in future since the PA put me on its target list.
My old sick mother does not know reading or writing, opening a computer orsearching in Google about me. When my mother was a small girl, reading and writing was something “Eib”, what means shameful and forbidden for girls. “Eib” is a common Arabic word used ONLY in the Middle East. This word, which is equivalent to heresy, was invented by men and is never mentioned in Islamic Sharia or in the Koran. It is a word inherited with the oral traditions since the old times of the grand-grand-parents and ancestors in the middle ages. This word grew strong and bloomed in the community, it became a most powerful motto and one of the most important “principles” of the modern era in the community of men in the Middle East to curb women. The word “Eib” is used to control women. Nothing is “Eib” for men, nothing they do “Eib”!!!
Commenting on my mother’s harassment by the PA, I can only say that I do not blame my mother in her belief that I was dead, nor I do not blame her to seeking the help of my relatives and neighbours to search for me.
I think that the feelings of my mother and her rights and the rights of all Palestinians are not the exclusive property of the Palestinian Authority and its project based on the foundations of dictatorship and the violation of human rights. The feelings of my mother and her rights are not determined by the decisions of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and the so called Palestinian-Israeli “security” coordination.
My sick old mother, who wept during a long month and whose tears found a number of sympathizers, finally found a small child who was able to help her, and to tell her that I am not dead. The older sympathizers were only trying to call me on the phone. Nobody thought about looking in computer. Simply said, my family is a very simple one, people who were never involved in politics in any way. The little boy who helped my mother knows how to use a computer, he searched through Google for the journalist Kawther Salam, and with this he was able to remove the fears of my old mother. The child found my e-mail address, which the PNA has not yet been able to filter.
This child turned into a hero in the eyes of the mother. She asked him if her daughter was still alive, why had she cut her contact by phone?? The child was not able to answer my mother, but he was thinking to write me and to ask these same question.
My mother does not understand media or political science or politics. She does not know anything about the nature of my journalistic work and therefore she does not know what I write or speak or publish and what else I do. Nobody in my family knew until now anything of what I am writing. I choose to write in English in order to make it difficult for this simple family to understand what I am writing. There has been conflict between me and my family, who has no interest in politics, since I was in Palestine, due to my work.
There was always a conflict between me as a journalist and my family, who supported me but who were scared of the problems which my work could bring me. The problems between me and my family increased since yesterday, after I told my mother why she had not been able to call me, that is due to my journalistic work. My family did not understand anything. They could not even imagine that the PA could filter my number. They only thought that I was dead. My family knew that I had been a supporter to the PNA, that I had worked at the PNA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida until the end of December 2002, even after I was expelled from my homeland.

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Maritza said...

God bless you Kawther and may He always keep and protect you and yours.


Red said...

Jambo Ms. Salam,

You are elegant in your witness to the truth. We are always with you.

- Red