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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Palestine Cry: Beware the rebuilt temple

Palestine Cry: Beware the rebuilt temple

Beware the rebuilt temple

Beware the rebuilt temple. It is damnation for all who align themselves with it.

Beware the rebuilt temple. It is damnation for all who align themselves with it.
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The Mark, the Name, the Number of the beast and the Tower of Babel = Ecumenism

The Mark, the Name, the Number of the beast and the Tower of Babel = Ecumenism
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The Justice of God: The Treaty of Versailles versus Iraq/Afghanistan

The Justice of God: The Treaty of Versailles versus Iraq/Afghanistan
Napoleon I Atheist Heroic Materialist Renaissance enemy of God. click on picture for link to Versailles - Iraq

God's Justice

God's Justice
Click on image. Picture: World Court - the Hague

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Palestine Cry: The Story of Palestine

Palestine Cry: The Story of Palestine

Uploaded by on Nov 27, 2011

When the United Nations, in 1977, proclaimed 29 November of each year as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, it was a clear admission of guilt towards this people. It was recognition that the Palestinian people deserve international solidarity and support, in the name of justice and rights. This was merely one small event in a long story.

The story of Palestine and its people is one that will go down in history. In fact it has already started to do just that. One might say that the victor is the one that writes history. The victor in this case will inevitably be justice, and justice is at the core of the Palestinian struggle against apartheid, colonialism and oppression. And as in every episode in history, everyone will be mentioned according to their positions, and more importantly their deeds with respect to each story.

In the day of solidarity, let us remember that.




Egyptians carry a body of a protester was killed in clashes with the Egyptian riot police during his funeral at Tahrir square in Cairo, Egypt on Tuesday. (AP)

Military reneges on Wall Street mandates, gets second wave of protests aimed at them.

By Tony Cartalucci
November 21, 2011

After playing a role Wall Street and London meddlers had hoped would translate into the Egyptian military holding the bag while corporate-fascists like those
escorted through Cairo by John McCain in June 2011 filled it with Egypt's wealth, it seems as if the Egyptian military, through the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCARF) has gotten cold feet.

Perhaps through pangs of nationalism or at least a realistic appraisal of their own future, trading places with the now fully betrayed Hosni Mubarak or Muammar Qaddafi verses their best self-interests, the military, despite grandiose promises to usher in Wall Street and London's "democratic reforms," including the implementation of a constitution literally written by George Soros-funded think tanks, have laid these measures thoroughly, and entirely to the wayside.

With predictable exactitude, the very same protesters, led by the very same
US-created April 6 youth movement and Muslim Brotherhood, have once again poured into the streets to either get the military back on the right, Wall Street/London approved track, or as Council on Foreign Relations "fellow" Steve Cook hopes, oust the military from power all together.

Al Arabiya News has recently reported that the April 6 youth movement, "would stay in Tahrir Square and continue sit-ins in other cities until its demands were met, including a call for a presidential vote no later than April."

The Muslim Brotherhood has also taken a vocal lead in the protests ~ a move that should not surprise anyone aware of the US-backed nature of the Arab Spring, consuming nations from Tunisia to Syria and everywhere in between.

Waiting in the wings for this eventual collapse and the expedited presidential elections April 6 is "fighting for," is
US-backed Mohammed ElBaradei, another "Nobel Peace Prize" carrying imposter, along side President Barack Obama, and Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi, bent in perpetual servitude to the corporate-fascist agenda of Wall Street and London.

ElBaradei has faced severe PR challenges as Egyptians and indeed people around the world learned of his deep ties to Washington despite his attempt at portraying himself as "at odds" with the West.

At one point, ElBaradei, after leading the US-engineered "Arab Spring" through his native home of Egypt, had rocks hurdled at him months later, with angry mobs calling him "an American agent."

the West came to his rescue using the now fully exhausted ploy of planting "Wikileaks" documents "revealing" just how contemptible the West saw ElBaradei in an attempt to rehabilitate his image as "anti-West" and therefore "pro-Arab" and thus more likely to be able to foist the US agenda upon Egyptians.

More recently, and perhaps the most ludicrous attempt yet to paint ElBaradei as anything but an agent of the West, was when Israel accused him of being an "Iranian agent" instead. Of course, ElBaradei literally sits on the board of trustees of the same US corporate-funded think-tank, the International Crisis Group, as several of Israel's most prominent political and financial figures including the Israeli President himself, Shimon Peres.

That April 6 was waiting at the airport in Cairo (and subsequently arrested) in 2010 for ElBaradei's return to Egypt, after the youth movement
had received training via the US State Department in New York a full two years earlier, is highly significant.

April 6, along with Google's Wael Ghonim would spend 2010 building up ElBaradei's "National Front for Change" for the coming January 25, 2011 Egyptian revolution. As this premeditated, US-engineered unrest unfolded, many of the media organizations complicit in the US State Department's planning of the "Arab Spring" feinted surprise and confusion claiming that these events were entirely spontaneous, triggered by neighboring unrest in Tunisia (which was also premeditated by the West years in advance) and entirely indigenous in nature.

That April 6 is now back in Tahrir Square, with their man ElBaradei still lurking in Egypt's political underbrush bidding his time, and as violence starts all over again, it appears something has gone awry with the West's heavy investments in the Egyptian military.

The US is still in fact funding the Egyptian military, perhaps in a bid to bring out officers more willing to take short-term Western incentives at the cost of inevitable long-term consequences. It is also likely this continued funding plays as the carrot to the US State Department-funded street mobs' stick to get the military to move forward and accept Wall Street/London mandates regarding Egypt.

Such a dichotomy of incentives and consequences are a reoccurring theme in US foreign policy and have been written about extensively by US policy makers, in particular toward Iran, where economic aid of every kind imaginable is counterbalanced with the threat of everything from fomenting street mobs against the Iranian government, to funding outright terrorism, to even unilateral first strikes against the Islamic Republic.

The definitive "handbook" of overthrowing an entrenched targeted regime, Brookings' "Which Path to Persia?" gives invaluable insight into the mechanics at work now in Egypt.

And finally, as people fret over which side to take, it should be noted that no real revolution of any kind will take place until people both understand the balance of power currently held in the world today and how to change it pragmatically rather than politically.

Whether Egypt retains its sovereignty against the Wall Street-funded forces wreaking havoc throughout Cairo's streets or not, Wall Street itself will remain intact until we see them, not Egyptian generals or street hooligans and dupes as the true enemy, and the systematic boycotting and replacingof their degenerate, global domineering system implemented in full as the solution.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beware ...the new Judaism

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

The Israeli Policies Amount To Apartheids

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Israel’s policies amount to Apartheids

Sent by Al-Haq for Human Rights in Ramallah – Operating as a court of the people, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine held its third international session on 5-6 November 2011 in the symbolic city of Cape Town, South Africa. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine addressed the question of whether Israel’s rule over the Palestinian people could be characterised as a regime of apartheid and found that the Palestinian people are subject to an institutionalised regime of domination. Al-Haq welcomes the findings of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine as they represent an important step towards mobilising public opinion and putting pressure on decision makers with regard to Israeli practices against the Palestinian people in breach of the prohibition on apartheid.

Following the hearing, the third international session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine concluded that Israel subjection of the Palestinian people to an institutionalized regime of domination manifests itself in varying intensity and forms. Despite distinguishing between Palestinians living under colonial military rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), who are subject to a particularly aggravated form of apartheid, and Palestinian citizens of Israel, systematically discriminated against across the broad spectrum of human rights, the Tribunal finds that Israel’s rule over the Palestinian people collectively amounts to an integrated regime of apartheid as defined under customary international law.

Prior to the South African session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Al-Haq presented a written submission on the legal and administrative measures impacting residency rights and the freedom of movement of Palestinians in the OPT. The testimony focussed on Israel’s institutionalized discriminatory policies that have resulted in the overarching fragmentation of the Palestinian population into sub-groups – West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. These divisions prevent Palestinians from participating in the political, social, economic and cultural life in the OPT, thus impeding their full development as a group.

On the second day of the Russell Tribunal, Al-Haq provided an oral testimony, highlighting the factual restrictions on Palestinians living in the OPT. Today, more than 580 obstacles, such as roadblocks, checkpoints, trenches and road gates, obstruct Palestinian movement within the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. In addition to these restrictions, Palestinians with West Bank IDs are prohibited from entering East Jerusalem without a permit from the Israeli authorities, which is virtually impossible to obtain. Most of the movement restrictions imposed on Palestinians aim to privilege the over 500,000 Israeli settlers living in settlements established, in contravention of international humanitarian law, throughout the West Bank.

In addition, Al-Haq emphasised the discriminatory policies imposed on Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley, presenting a stark example of segregation between Palestinians and Jewish settlers. The area contains the land and water reserves of the West Bank, but a draconian matrix of Israeli military and administrative measures severely restricts Palestinian access to land and natural resources, including water. Whereas the over 9,000 Israeli settlers living in the Jordan Valley enjoy uninterrupted water supply for their household consumption as well as large amounts of subsidised water for irrigation, Palestinians have no choice but to buy water, which costs up to 5 times the price paid by households connected to the water network.

All States have a legal obligation under international law to cooperate to bring an end to the illegal situation arising from Israel’s practices of apartheid. Al-Haq urges all States to effectively comply with their obligations under international law, including:

  • by exercising pressure on Israel to put an end to the violations; and
  • by refraining from recognizing or providing aid and assistance to Israel for its violations of international law.

Read this press release online

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