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Sunday, February 19, 2012

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Saturday, 18 February, 2012


On February 15, Palestinian faction leaders began supportive hunger strikes. Gazans erected a sit-in tent near ICRC's Gaza City offices.

Islamic Jihad leaders Sheikh Nafth Azzam, Ahmad Al-Mudallal, Dawood Shihab and Khader Habit joined with others and civil society organization members.

Al-Mudallal said striking "support(s) the battle of dignity of Sheikh Khader Adnan. This is the least we can do (for) this legendary symbol."

Palestinian Authority civil affairs minister Hussein al-Sheikh said PA officials were trying to free him and hold Israel responsible for his well-being.

Palestinian prisoner affairs minister Issa Qaraqa called for demonstrations, protest marches, and solidarity fasts throughout the Territories.

Hundreds of Palestinians began supportive hunger strikes. Many rallied in Gaza and West Bank towns. Ofer Prison detainees joined them. Israeli security forces attacked protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. Palestinian National Initiative head Mustafa Barghouti was wounded in his foot.

Adnan's a political prisoner, detained since mid-December but not charged. On his 60th day without food, a mass call for action urged support to help free him. He symbolizes Israeli brutality, injustice and lawlessness. He inspired others saying:

"For every gram you lose from your weight,
we gain a thousand grams in our dignity."

Many support him globally and responded. He hasn't yet slipped into coma, but remains perilously close to death.

A February 14 Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I) press release said Adnan's High Court appeal will be heard. His lawyer filed an urgent petition. A hearing will be set shortly.
PHR-I examined him five times in the past week, most recently on February 14. After 52 days without food, he lost one-third of his weight. As a result, he has stomach aches, vomits, at times with blood, and experiences headaches.

He's still lucid and understands what's happening. "His general condition is pale and very weak. His tongue is smooth. He has slight bleeding from the gums, dry skin, loss of hair, and significant muscular atrophy."

His pulse is weak, his blood pressure 100/75. He's connected to a heart monitor. He underwent tests and treatment. It includes liquids, salts, glucose, and vitamins. However, he won't ingest food.

His condition "is commensurate with the impact of 60 days of fasting." He's in immediate danger of death. No food over 50 days causes muscle decomposition, including heart and stomach muscles. As a result, toxin build-ups follow. "Death may occur suddenly" from heart failure or infection following immune system collapse.

Digestive track bleeding as well as renal and hepatic failure may follow. "A deterioration in his state of consciousness can be expected due to the shortage of vitamins and intracerebral hemorrhage."
Fasts exceeding 70 days prevent survival. "Infusion of liquids, adjustment of salts, and the addition of glucose and vitamin(s) cannot prevent certain death due" to protracted periods without food.

On February 15, Richard Falk, Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestinian human rights released a supportive statement, saying:
"I call on the international community, especially States with close relations with Israel, to urge the Israeli Government to fulfill its responsibilities under international law, most urgently with regard to Mr. Adnan."

"In view of the emergency of his situation, the Government of Israel must take immediate and effective action to safeguard Mr. Adnan's life, while upholding his rights."
On February 20, following his regional visit, he'll hold a press conference. In June, he'll submit his report to the UN Human Rights Council.
For now, saving Adnan is top priority. Perhaps Israel will yield to world pressure. It's unlikely but possible. Rogue states don't apologize or do the right thing.
Israeli state terror matches the world's worst. With Washington and Britain, they're axis of evil partners.

Torturing Adnan to death shows it. His martyrdom won't go unnoticed.


Of course it doesn't! Surely this surprises no one....... However, the conversations below are just a tad shocking and so VERY VERY Zionist in how the callers to Al Jazeera themselves are interrogated as if criminals themselves....

By Linah Alsaafin

Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan has entered his 55th day of hunger strike. He has long passed the critical stage and is in danger of organ failure any moment now. In other words, Khader Adnan is dying.

The silence from international media is deafening. Much of the publicity highlighting Adnan’s case came from social media via Twitter and blogs.
Does a young father of two arrested in the dead of night from his home, held under illegal administrative detention i.e. no charges have been brought against him, beaten and tortured during his interrogation, hunger striking since December 18th ~ a day after his arrest ~ not warrant headlines?
Does his identity as spokesperson for the Islamic Jihad cloud the editors’ judgments? Does his long beard ~ most of which has now fallen out due to the effects of starvation ~ not make for sexy media attention?

Yesterday a group of Palestinians called up Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem Bureau, demanding to know the reason for the bureau’s nonexistent coverage regarding Khader Adnan. Why Al Jazeera English?
Why not the myopic BBC ~ who’ve recently proclaimed their censorship of the word “Palestine from their music programmes ~ or The Guardian or CNN? (The last one was a joke.)
As an Arab news source with a bureau based in Jerusalem, Al Jazeera English holds the responsibility to report what is happening to Palestinians. Not only are they not covering the bombings in Gaza, but they are ignoring the ethnic cleansing happening under their noses in Jerusalem.
They have also completely ignored the weekly, daily popular protests in Palestine, while at the same time attempting to present themselves as the voice of the people who are revolting against oppression in the Middle East.
The litany of crimes that Israel commits on a daily basis against Palestinians is long and ranges from land theft, ethnic cleansing, violence against men, women, and children, bi or tri-weekly bombing campaigns on the besieged people of Gaza, political arrests of dozens of Palestinians on a weekly basis including children as young as 13 years of age and institutionalized racism and discrimination that Palestinians face every day which prohibits them from living anything resembling a normal life.

As a result many of us turn to blogs and twitter to find out what is happening which begs the question, what exactly is AJE correspondent Cal Perry being paid to report on in Palestine?

Furthermore, while all political prisoners are a shame to the countries imprisoning them, what was the criteria that Al Jazeera used to determine that a self professed Egyptian Zionist, Maikel Nabil, was more worthy of coverage than a Palestinian anti-Zionist?

Coverage of Maikel Nabil from Al Jazeera English:
Al Jazeera simply cannot state that Khader Adnan’s hunger strike is not news worthy as international human rights organizations have expressed alarm and condemnation over his detention and concern for his deteriorating health.

The following conversation took place between one caller and a woman from Al Jazeera English Jerusalem office, in response to that caller’s question about why Khader Adnan has been receiving so little exposure from Al Jazeera English.
“But there are other important stories we’re covering.”

“But Khader Adnan has been on hunger strike for 54 days in administrative detention and he’s dying.”

“But there are people dying everywhere.”
The caller was then directed to the editor, who said:
“With all due respect, it’s not up to you to tell us what to cover. I’m only accountable to my superiors in Doha.”
The editor continued to say that there will be a story on the website today so perhaps “you should wait before passing judgments.”

Did that mean that the caller should wait until Khader Adnan dies before he can get decent coverage?

The caller then asked why there had been no TV reports, features, etc. The editor replied that there were more important stories around.

Another caller had this conversation:
“Hello, I’m wondering why Al Jazeera English hasn’t given the Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan who’s been hunger striking for 54 days any coverage?”

“Who is this?”

“It doesn’t matter. I want to know-“

“WHO ARE YOU? I’ve been getting calls every five minutes from people asking about the same subject.”

“Why does that matter? I-“

“I need to know if I should make a list of people calling. I need to know if something is wrong.”

“Of course there’s something wrong. Your coverage of Khader Adnan has largely been nonexistent.”

[Speaking to someone in the room] “It’s another one of them, asking about Adnan.” [Addressing the caller] “You need to tell me who you are.”

“Consider me a viewer of your network.”

“Listen, you can’t do this. Who are you?”

“Why are you getting defensive? I’m only asking why Khader Adnan hasn’t been getting any attention-“

“Who are you? Tell me your name.”

“So you’re interested in my name but not in Khader Adnan’s? The man has been on hunger strike for 54 days and-“

A man took over the phone. “Hello, who is this?”

“I’d rather remain anonymous. I want to know-“

“Look, why should we bother to answer you if you won’t even give us your name? Ok, thank you.” [The line went dead.]
The disrespect and arrogance that Al Jazeera English has shown to Palestinians with the lack of coverage has been nothing short of shocking.

If Al Jazeera cannot commit itself to doing actual reporting about the cruelty of the Israeli occupation on a daily basis against Palestinians then it would be best for them to move their office to Tel Aviv or head back home to Qatar.


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Friday, February 17, 2012

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

The Global Economic Crisis Is A Global Jobs Crisis

“The global economic crisis is a global jobs crisis. And youth are hardest hit”.
Today February 16 2012, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave a lecture about “Empowering People in a Changing World” at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. Hundreds of people in power, among them ministers, diplomats, ambassadors and representatives of the civil society heard what Mr. Ki-moon said in his speech. This was the first time I heard Mr. Ki-moon speaking about women and youth problems. I am sure that if the listeners kept what they heard in mind while dealing with women and youth, then the face of the future would change.
Part of what Mr. Ki-moon said about women and youth is below
Half the world is women – and half the world is under 25 years of age. One out of five people are between the ages of 15 and 24. Nearly 90 percent of them youth live in developing countries – nearly one billion live in Asia and Africa. In places like Gaza, three out of four people are under the age of 25. In Iraq, one-quarter of the population was born since the start of the war in 2003 alone. Some demographers call this a “youth bulge”.
I am not a big fan of that term. I do not see the largest-ever generation of young people as a “bulge.” It is a dividend. It is not a threat; it is an opportunity. To seize it, we must face a new generation of empowerment challenges. Let’s start with empowering women.
Around the world, women educate the children … they are the key to healthy families … they are increasingly the entrepreneurs. Wherever I travel, I urge leaders to put more women in genuine decision making roles. More women in the Cabinet. More women in legislatures. More women leading universities. More women on corporate boards.
Studies have found that Fortune 500 companies with the highest number of women on the governing boards were far more profitable than those with the fewest number.
Today, many look to the world of social media. The majority of those who use it are women – and the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook is a woman.
Yet many are asking: Why are there no women on the corporate board of Facebook, Twitter or other young, dynamic companies?
I believe that’s a fair question. In my visits around the globe, I always make the case for greater women’s representation in Parliaments – including in the Arab world. Some suggest quotas or other special steps.
There is plenty of evidence that shows how such temporary measures can make a permanent difference.
We must not miss this opportunity to write women’s rights more deeply into the constitutional and legal framework in the Arab region and beyond.
We are also putting women at the core of our efforts to strengthen equality and growth while protecting our planet. Women hold the key to sustainable development.
You will hear more about this as we approach the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development.
I am committed to doing much more. This includes deepening our work to combat violence against women – and expanding women’s participation in peace-building efforts. And within the United Nations, I will keep leading by example.
In my first five years as Secretary-General, I have nearly doubled the number of women in senior UN positions. Our top humanitarian official and our top development official…our head of management … our top doctor … top lawyer … even our top cop… all are women. And we have the largest number of women in UN history – five and counting – leading UN peacekeeping missions and managing thousands of soldiers in the field. From Timor-Leste to South Sudan. From Central Africa to Cyprus to Burundi.
And at New York headquarters, we have the new UN Women – headed by the former President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. I am also keenly aware that we have much more to do to empower women within the United Nations. And I am determined to keep building on our record.
Ladies and gentlemen, We can apply the lessons we learn from women’s empowerment for youth empowerment.Window dressing will not do it. Neither will politically expedient band-aids.
Let me tell you what I mean. Not long ago, a Head of State called on the United Nations to establish an International Year on Youth. He claimed he wanted young people to make their voices heard. The bad news is that the leader was President Ben Ali of Tunisia.The good news is …. it worked!
A few months into the International Year of Youth, he heard the voice of his country’s young people – and so did the world. President Ben Ali was forced to leave office because he listened too late. But, once again, we are reminded that we all have an obligation to listen. That is what I do.
I try to meet with young people wherever I go. Those exchanges are some of the toughest, most candid, spirited discussions that I have. Young people everywhere talk jobs. They want the dignity that comes from a decent work. Economic hard times and austerity measures are making it more difficult.
The global economic crisis is a global jobs crisis. And youth are hardest hit.
Unemployment rates for young people are at record levels – two, three, sometimes even six times the rate for adults. But joblessness is only part of the story. Many who are working are stuck in low-wage, dead-end work. Many others are finding that their degrees are not always a ticket to jobs.
After years of study, they learn a new lesson: their schooling has not equipped them with the tools for today’s job market. This must change. Young people also tell me that they not only want jobs – but the opportunity to create jobs. So we must do more on entrepreneurship. Austria has much to teach us. You are tackling youth unemployment – just as you are working to address the new requirements of an aging workforce. The Austrian apprenticeship model is the kind of initiative that young people say they would like to see in their own countries.
Now is the time to step up our efforts. Last year, the world’s population crossed 7 billion. In five years, it will be 7.5 billion. The world will need 600 million new jobs over the next decade. Without urgent measures to stem the rising tide of youth unemployment, we risk creating a “lost generation” of wasted opportunities and squandered potential.
That is why I pledge that the United Nations will go deeper in identifying the best practices and helping countries deliver on education, skills, training, and job-rich growth for young people.
Ladies and gentlemen, Economic empowerment and political empowerment go hand-in-hand. Technology, education and awareness are combining to give young people a voice like never before. And they are using it. They are standing up for rights and against discrimination based on gender, race and sexual orientation. They are leading the way for sustainable solutions and green development. They are putting inequality on the global agenda. Our job is to help them build the future they want.
Above all, young people have told me they want a seat at the table. They want a real voice in shaping the policies that shape their lives. The priorities of young people should be just as prominent in our halls as they are on the streets and squares. They should be just as present in our meeting space as they are in cyberspace.
I am determined to bring the United Nations closer to people and make it more relevant to young people. That is one reason we will expand the UN Volunteer Programme. Today, the average age of UN Volunteers is 37 – we will open the doors for young people and are looking for support. But that is just the beginning. We must put a special focus where the challenges of empowering women and empowering youth come together – and that is in the lives of young women.
Young women are potential engines of economic advancement. They are drivers of democratic reform.
Yet far too often – a combination of obstacles including discrimination, social pressure, early marriage – hold them back. These forces set in motion a chain of unequal opportunities that last a lifetime. Young women must have the tools to participate fully in economic life and to have their voices heard in decision-making at all levels.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

المنتدى الوطني السوري الأول يختتم أعماله بنجاح في العاصمة النمساوية فينا

بالتعاون مع كل من الهيئة العليا للإغاثة السورية, اتحاد المنظمات الطبية الإغاثية السوري, واتحاد الأطباء والصيادلة العرب النمساويين, إختتمت مساء اليوم السبت 11 نوفمبر 2012 رابطة السوريين في أوروبا, المنتدى الوطني السوري الأول أعماله بنجاح في فندق اركوتيل في الحي السابع من العاصمة النمساوية فينا, وذلك بحضور العشرات من الأطباء والشخصيات الوطنية السياسية من ممثلي الإتحادات والهيئات السورية في عدد من دول الإتحاد الأوروبي والدول العربية والأجنبية منها: فرنسا, كرواتيا, بلغاريا, التشيك, بريطانيا, قبرص, رومانيا, اليونان, المجر, بلجيكا, النمسا, أمريكا, السعودية, سوريا, ومشاركة الدكتور وليد البني, مسؤول العلاقات الخارجية في المجلس الوطني, وهو سجين محرر من المعتقلات السورية, والسيد بسام إسحاق, عضو المجلس الوطني, والمناضلة المحررة من السجون السورية, سهير الأتاسي عضو الهيئة العامة للثورة السورية, والدكتور عبد الرازق عيد, رئيس إعلان دمشق

وقد ترأس أعمال المؤتمر الدكتور النمساوي السوري الشهير غزوان الأكتع, الذي كان قد أدار جلسات المؤتمر في أجواء هادئة, تميزت في الحوار الديمقراطي الوطني, المسؤول والصريح

وفي بداية المؤتمر (وهو مؤتمر تمهيدي لمؤتمر أكبر من المزمع عقده خلال الشهر القادم في العاصمة الهنجارية “بودابست”) قال دكتور أكتع: إن الهدف من المؤتمر هو محاولة بناء تيار وطني ديمقراطي واسع يضم كل القوى الديمقراطية الوطنية (بغض النظر عن إنتماءاتها السياسية) من أجل تقوية الداخل السوري, وإسقاط النظام, وبناء دولة مدنية سورية

وكان المؤتمر قد تضمن برنامج عمل صباحي ومسائي جاء على النحو التالي

الجلسات الصباحية وقد استمرت حتى الساعة الثانية عشرة بعد الظهر وتضمنت: الترحيب بالضيوف من قبل دكتور أكتع, كلمة اللجنة المنظمة, كلمة إتحاد المنظمات الطبية الإغاثية السورية, كلمة إتحاد الأطباء العرب وألقاها الدكتور تمام كيلاني, رئيس إتحاد الأطباء والصيادلة العرب في النمسا, تلاوة تقرير سياسي حول الوضع الحالي في سوريا, شرح خطة العمل وتوزيع الورشات على النحو التالي: إغاثة طبية, الملف السياسي, البيان الختامي, إستراحة, عمل الورشات, وقد اختتمت الجلسات في إستراحة تناول طعام الغذاء

و من ابرز ما جاء في الجلسة الصباحية: مطالبة المؤتمرين بتوحيد الجهود من أجل دعم الثورة السورية, وتوحيد الجهود الإغاثية, وتأكيدهم على أن الثورة سلمية, إلا أن الدفاع عن النفس لا يعني ثورة مسلحة

وقال احد المشاركين في المؤتمر: قد تكون لدينا تساؤلات وانتقادات موجهة للمجلس الوطني, ولكن يجب تأجيل النقاش في هذه الأمور إلى ما بعد سقوط النظام السفاح والرئيس السفاح بشار إبن السفاح حافظ الأسد وذلك على حد أقواله

في حين أكد المؤتمرون بالإجماع على أن المجلس الوطني هم ممثلهم الوحيد, وأن الجيش السوري الحر هو الجناح العسكري للثورة, معبرين عن أملهم بأن يتعامل المجلس الوطني مع الجيش السوري الحر من أجل إسقاط النظام الديكتاتوري الفاشي

وحول الجهود الإغاثية اوضح دكتور كيلاني: بانه لا يوجد لديهم في النمسا أي ملفات طبية للجرحى السوريين, مطالبا بتعيين ممثل إغاثي في كل دولة أوروبية بهدف تنسيق الجهود الإغاثية المتعلقة في هذا المجال

واختتمت الجلسة الصباحية بتشكيل لجنتين
اللجنة الأولى: معنية بالإغاثة الطبية من أجل تنسيق الجهود, ومكونة من عدد من الأطباء من مختلف الدول الأوروبية, بينهم دكتور كيلاني ممثلا عن النمسا

اللجنة الثانية: ومهمتها إعداد البيان الختامي لإجتماعات المؤتمر الأول, على ان تقدم كلا من اللجنتين ما توصلتا إليه إلى المؤتمرين في الجلسة الختامية من أجل مناقشتة وإقراره في صيغته النهائية

الجلسات المسائية للمؤتمر وتضمنت: تقديم عمل الورشات, تقرير الورشة الإغاثية الطبية, مناقشة التقرير, فتح باب التبرعات, إستراحة, تقديم التقرير السياسي والرؤية السياسية لسورية لمرحلة ما بعد الأسد, طرح مسودة البيان الختامي للمناقشة والإعتماد, تزكية لجنة متابعة العمل, إختتام أعمال المؤتمر

وفي الجلسة المسائية دار نقاش مستفيض حول آلية جمع التبرعات المالية والإغاثية, وطالب المؤتمرون بالإجماع الشفافية في هذا الأمر وإيجاد آلية عمل واضحة بموجبها يتم تقديم فواتير رسمية تبين تاريخ جمع التبرعات وتاريخ صرفها, وكيفية إيصالها إلى المتضررين والثورة في سوريا

وفي هذا الخصوص تم التركيز على ايجاد لجنة تنسيقية معروفة وموثوقة تتولى إيصال المساعدات والإغاثة للداخل السوري, بعد ذلك فتح باب التبرع للثورة السورية. وقد بلغت حصيلة التبرعات من المشاركين في المؤتمر: 14 الف ومائة يورو, بالإضافة إلى 5300 دولار, 6500 ليرة سورية

بعد ذلك انفصلت كلا من اللجنة الإغاثية ولجنة صياغة البيان الختامي عن المؤتمرين لتداول مهام عملهم, على ان يعودوا ثانية ليطلعوا الجميع على ما توصلوا إليه بهدف مناقشته وإقراره

أثناء ذلك دار نقاش سياسي مفتوح بين المؤتمرين وضيوف الشرف: الدكتور وليد البني عضو المجلس الوطني, الدكتور عبد الرازق عيد, رئيس إعلان دمشق, السيدة سهير الأتاسي ممثلة الثورة العامة السورية, السيد بسام إسحاق, عضو المجلس الوطني, أجابوا خلاله على الأسئلة الموجهة إليهم من قبل الحضور

وفي كلمة موجزة القى بها الدكتور وليد البني أمام الحضور كشف فيها النقاب عن قدومه من الدوحة, حيث شارك في إجتماع موسع عقد مع رئيس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية القطري حمد بم جاسم, وعدد من ممثلي الدول العربية والغربية من أصدقاء سوريا, وذلك بهدف تدارس ما يمكن عمله من أجل حماية الشعب السوري من جرائم النظام وذلك في اعقاب صدور قرار الفيتو الروسي والصيني

وحول تداعيات الفيتو الروسي والصيني قال البني: ان هناك إجتماع موسع سيحضره جميع المحبين لسوريا, والتنسيقيات العاملة على الأرض, سيعقد قريبا من أجل بحث تقديم الدعم المالي للثورة والجيش السوري الحر. وقال بأن الفيتو الروسي والصيني قد جعل المجتمع الدولي, وأصدقاء سوريا والدول العربية أكثر جدية في التعاطي مع الثورة السورية وبحث آلية دعمها وحماية الشعب السوري

وأضاف أما على مستوى سوريا, فإن الفيتو قد أدى إلى سقوط المزيد من الضحايا, فبدلا من سقوط عشرين شهيدا في اليوم, أصبح يسقط ما يزيد على الستين شهيدا في اليوم الواحد

وقال د. “البني” حول مرحلة ما بعد سقوط بشار والنظام: نحن كسياسيين أصبحنا نفكر منذ اليوم حول كيفية جمع السلاح من المقاتلين. وقال بان العملية الديمقراطية في سوريا ستولد بعملية قيصرية

وحول مساعدات دول الخليج للثورة السورية قال الدكتور البني: علينا أن لا نفكر في السؤال الذي يطرحه الكثيرين: لماذا تقدم دول الخليج الدعم لنا وهم لا يمارسون الديمقراطية مع شعوبهم؟ وقال: إن الإجابة على هذا السؤال لا تعنينا, والمهم عندنا هو دعمهم للشعب السوري, وأضاف: إن دول الخليج لا تقتل شعوبها, وعندما تفعل ذلك فنحن دون أدنى شك سندين القتل

اللوبي الصهيوني وإحتلال الإسرائيلي للجولان

ومن ابرز الأسئلة التي وجهت للدكتور “البني” خلال جلسة الحوار المسائية المؤتمر برز سؤالين

الأول: إستفسار أحد المشاركين حول ما إذا كان اللوبي الصهيوني يقف خلف الفيتو الروسي؟

ولم ينف د.البني او يؤكد ذلك لعدم حصوله على أدلة, ولكنه طرح العديد من الأمثلة التي تشير إلى أن إسرائيل تقف داعمة للنظام السوري الدموي, ,ان اللوبي الصهيوني يقف من خلفها

أما السؤال الثاني الذي كنا قد وجهناه إلى الدكتور “البني” فقد تطرق إلى سناريو تعامل المجلس الوطني “ما بعد الأسد” مع دول الجوار وفي مقدمتها فلسطين, إلى جانب مطالبته بتبيان موقف المجلس الوطني المتعلق باحتلال إسرائيل لهضبة الجولان, وتفسيره لما يدور خلف الكواليس مع الدول الغربية الداعمة للثورات العربية, والمجلس الوطني السوري وخاصة الأحاديث المتعلقة بإسرائيل, علما بان مجموع هذه الدول الغربية هي نفسها من يقدم الدعم المطلق لإحتلال إسرائيل لكل من فلسطين وهضبة الجولان, وهي الدول الغربية ذاتها التي ترفض تطبيق قرارات مجلس الأمن والشرعية الدولية على إسرائيل, بل انها هي الدول المناهضة للنضال الفلسطيني والمطالبة بوأد انتفاضة بما فيها السلمية

ورد الدكتور “البني” على سؤالنا قائلا: رغم حساسية الإجابة على السؤال, ورغم إعتراضي على بعض ما ذكر فيه إلا أنني احاول الإجابة على ذلك. وقال مدافعا عن الغرب: إن ما يحصل في سوريا هو عملية إبادة ترتكب ضد الشعب السوري, وهذا ما يبرر دعم الغرب لسوريا

ملاحظة وتعقيب: إن ما يحصل في فلسطين منذ عام 1967 هو أيضا جرائم حرب, وإبادة وتطهير عرقي وتهويد للأرض والمقدسات الفلسطينية وسرقة مقدرات الشعب الفلسطينية و… ومع ذلك فالغرب “الداعم للثورات العربية”؟؟؟!!! يقف مساندا لإسرائيل, غير آبه بإبادة الفلسطينيين وقرارات مجلس الأمن, بل أنه وقف مؤخرا إلى جانب إسرائيل رافضا منح فلسطين (كرسيا) في هيئة الأمم المتحدة بعد ما يزيد على 64 عام من النكبة؟؟

وأضاف الدكتور البني قائلا: أنا أبارك كل من يؤيد ثورات شعبي بغض النظر عن موقفه المعارض أو المؤيد لإسرائيل

وقال: لا يوجد شخص سوري واحد يريد بقاء إحتلال الجولان, ولا يوجد شخص واحد بريد التفريط في الجولان. وأضاف: لا شك بأن السوريين يحبون الفلسطييين أكثر من الأسد وحزب البعث. وأكد بان الشعب السوري بحريته وديمقراطيتة سيستعيد الجولان, وهو يدعم فلسطين والشعب الفلسطيني

تعليق آخر: تجدر الإشارة إلى ان دول الغرب وعلى رأسهم رؤساء دول العالم الداعمة لتسليح الثورات العربية (وعدد من هؤلاء الرؤساء يهود يحملون الجنسيات الأوروبية والغربية بما فيها الفرنسية), هم أؤلئك الزعماء والرؤساء الذين ادرجوا االمقاومة الفلسطينية للإحتلال الصهيوني على قائمة الحركات الإرهابية, وهم الرؤساء ذاتهم الذين يشترطون دفع المعونات للسلطة الفلسطينية بإعتقالها للمقاومة الفلسطينية ويحظرون تسليحها؟؟ وهذه مفارقات فاضحة وازدواجية في المعايير وسياسة الكيل بمكيالين عندما يتعلق الأمر بالمؤسسة الصهيونية العبرية, أو ما يسمى بإسرائيل

ملاحظة: يسمح بالتعليق وفقا لشروط النشر ومنها إحترام الكلمة, عدم السب والتطاول والقدح والتشهير, والتعرض لخصوصيات الأشخاص, والإخلال في لوائح قانون الإعلام النمساري

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Justice of God: Russia versus Israel, the King of the North and the King of the South

The Justice of God: Russia versus Israel, the King of the North and the King of the South

Gog and Magog of the Evil Mountain of the North, Yamantau



St. Jerome about two centuries before Muhammad (pbuh) makes reference about this concerning Gog and Magog attacking the world and the Church in particular at the end of time. Islam also preserves the same tradition. This is related to Mt. Damavand in Iran and the eight petaled lotus of the Sufis and the Evil god of the Buddhists that dwells beneath the earth, which is actually the base for all Mahayana Buddhism, including especially the triple dragon god at the center of Buddhism (Dainichi Nyorai in Japanese, which is the Sun god same as in the Thule cult of Hitler and the esoteric magical cult of Hassan al Banna in the Middle East - see: God and His Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord - our right and duty to witness to Him: Omar Khayyam: Surrendering Islam). This tells us what Gorbachev was doing in 1984 when he summoned all religions to Moscow to celebrate before him in typical Communist Sergei Bulgakov/Gramscian Pantheistic manipulation of religion - and that two years before his puppet in the Vatican, Antipope John Paul II, did the same at the Assisi gatherings beginning in 1986 - the Assisi gatherings boasted of the attendance of 'Drozdov' - "Blackbird," the secret KGB operative name of Moscow Orthodox Church Patriarch Alexus II.

From Link: Cabala - Qabalah, Freemasonry, the Tijaniyah Order, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Sufism

And Qabalah continues in it’s Devil’s work. Note this concerning the below, in Islam, freemasonry and all connected to it, is considered heresy and not part of confession of Allah. Muslims call freemasonry a "hawk" which means exactly that it is heresy and wrong. Traditional Catholics agree with Muslims on this. Both Catholics and Muslims worship the true God. In the below, the various movements are shown that were used as the base for theSabatae Zvi Frankists of the Donmeh (who subverted Turkey and caused the genocide against the Armenian Christians). The Sabatae Zvi Frankists of the Donmeh are, with the Gnostic O.T.O., a huge part of the Freemasonic influence that utterly controls the Zionist Vatican. The Sabatae Zvi Frankists of the Donmeh are the religious core and base for all Likkud and all other Talmudic Zionism in Occupied Palestine (falsely called "Israel") and throughout the world. This Zionism of the Sabatae Zvi Frankists of the Donmeh is the prime mover behind the movements leading to the Kurdish Peshmergas' attacks on the Iraqi East Assyrian Churches and the Iranian Shi'ite militias attacks in Iraq and every other assassin horror in the region. Tikun Olam is the base of Cabala and the base of the Satanic Jew Zionist Cabalistic Talmudism.

Note: Sufism itself is not a heresy in Islam, but there is heretical teaching that calls itself Sufism that Islam does condemn, and that is the kind of false Sufism used by the Frankist Donmeh.


Qabalah, Freemasonry, the Tijaniyah Order, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Sufism

The Secret Doctrine of the Assassins

An Occult Religion behind an Islamist fascade

The dead hand switch at Yamantau has certainly been protected from Israel setting it off as a Samson option. Now only Iran and Syria and south-eastern Europe are in the major danger from the insane ghetto dwellers in IsraHell. But Yamantau may yet be a new Stalin's counter attack against a new Trotsky. Yamantau is still OFFENSIVELY armed to the Thermo-Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile teeth. Just like Stalin, the cold eyed Asiatic Jew, bested the Western wild eyed Magus Jew Trotsky - this may be Putin-Gorbachev versus Netanyahu-Kissinger in a final show down that could destroy the world.

miko's blog: Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program

Which leads to this in Russia. Or did it come from an earlier version of this? See Yamantau following.

Yamantau Survivor's Quarters when Israel sets off the Samson Option?
(Notice the strangely Freemasonic number 33 here. Why does it look so Rothschild like?)

You didn't think the signs would be in English or Japanese or French did you?

Aerial Photo Map showing underground Yamantau facilities.

Underground Yamantau facilities.

Yamantau Facilities.

Yamantau - Evil Mountain

Share This SiteAn Area 51 in Russia? Some people think so and their suspicions are shared by the US Congress. Testamony was taken on Congressional suspicions of Russian complex in Yamantau Mountain, circa 1997, and can be checked with theCongressional Record for that session.

A Huge Anthill?

[] -- Starting in the Brezhnev period, Russia has been pursuing construction of a massive underground facility at Yamantau Mountain and the city of Mezhgorye (formerly the settlements of Beloretsk-15 and Beloretsk-16). Russia's 1997 federal budget lists the project as a closed territory containing installations of the Ministry of Defense.

On April 16, 1996, the New York Times reported on a mysterious military base being constructed in Russia:

"In a secret project reminiscent of the chilliest days of the Cold War, Russia is building a mammoth underground military complex in the Ural Mountains, Western officials and Russian witnesses say.

"Hidden inside Yamantau mountain in the Beloretsk area of the southern Urals, the project involved the creation of a huge complex, served by a railroad, a highway, and thousands of workers."

The complex, being built inside Yamantau mountain by tens of thousands of workers, covers an area the size of the Washington area inside the Beltway.

There are reportedly provisions for living inside the man-made caves. There is an underground warehouse for food and clothing, a shelter for the Russian national leadership in case of nulcear war, and rumors that the Yamantau Mountain project was associated with the so-called 'Dead Hand' nuclear retaliatory command and control system for strategic missiles.

[Full article plus map].

Some U.S. analysts believe the secret underground complex beneath Yamantau Mountain betrays a lingering belief among top Russian leaders that they must continue to prepare to fight and win a nuclear war. Russians say they still fear the U.S.

Priors on the Record

It is now known that the Soviet Union used secret underground bases in Eastern Europe to conceal nuclear missiles at the end of the Cold War, as an integral part of its nuclear war-fighting strategy. In all, some 73 SS-23 missiles, packing a nuclear punch 365 times the bomb that detonated over Hiroshima, were hidden by the Soviets in violation of the INF Treaty, which went into force in June 1988.

If war had broken out those missiles would have given the Soviets an overwhelming strategic advantage against the United States, allowing them to decimate NATO forces in Europe in a surprise attack. The last of these missiles will be destroyed by the government of Slovakia, under a grant from the United States.

Today, Russia may be conducting nuclear deception on a far vaster scale beneath Yamantau Mountain, where it has dug out a gigantic underground military complex designed to withstand a sustained nuclear assault. A U.S. intelligence source was quoted as saying that the Yamantau complex is but one of some 200 secret deep underground nuclear war-fighting sites in Russia, many of which have been significantly upgraded over the past six years at a cost of billions of dollars.

This declassified Defense Intelligence Agency map [right] shows the relative location of the underground Yamantau Mountain complex. Since the end of the Cold War in 1991, U.S. intelligence sources believe the Russian government has pumped more than$6 billion into Yamantau alone, to construct a sprawling underground complex that spans some 400 square miles.

In 1998, in a rare public comment, then-Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) Gen. Eugene Habinger, called Yamantau

"a very large complex -- we estimate that it has millions of square feet available for underground facilities. We don't have a clue as to what they're doing there."
It is believed to be large enough to house 60,000 persons, with a special air filtration system designed to withstand a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. Enough food and water is believed to be stored at the site to sustain the entire underground population for months on end.

"The only potential use for this site is post-nuclear war..." --- Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

Bartlett is one of the handful of members of Congress who have closely followed the Yamantau project.

The Yamantau Mountain complex is located close to one of Russia's remaining nuclear weapons labs, Chelyabinsk-70, giving rise to speculation it could house either a nuclear warhead storage site, a missile base, a secret nuclear weapons production center, a directed energy laboratory or a buried command post. Whatever it is, Yamantau was designed to survive a nuclear war.

In response to repeated U.S. inquiries, the Russian government has provided no fewer than 12 separate and contradictory explanations for the site, none of them believed to be credible.

A 1997 Congressional Research Service report said that the vast sums invested to build the Yamantau Mountain complex "provide evidence of excessive military modernization in Russia." Russia is pouring money into this and other underground nuclear sites at the same time U.S. taxpayers have provided billions of dollars in aid to Russia to help dismantle nuclear warheads taken off line as a result of START I and START II.

"Yamantau Mountain is the largest nuclear-secure project in the world... They have very large train tracks running in and out of it, with enormous rooms carved inside the mountain. It has been built to resist a half dozen direct nuclear hits, one after the other in a direct hole. It's very disquieting that the Russians are doing this when they don't have $200 million to build the service module on the international space station and can't pay housing for their own military people," ---Rep. Bartlett.

The Russians have constructed two entire cities over the site, known as Beloretsk 15 & 16, which are closed to the public, each with 30,000 workers. No foreigner has ever set foot near the site. A U.S. military attache stationed in Moscow was turned back when he attempted to visit the region a few years ago.

Neither the Central Intelligence Agency nor the Defense Intelligence Agency will comment on what the Russians are doing at Yamantau Mountain.

"There's not a lot we could say without venturing into the classified realm," CIA spokesman Mike Mansfield said. "It's hard to discuss it with any specificity."

This U.S. satellite photograph of the Yamantau Mountain [left] region was taken on Oct. 16, 1997. Clearly recognizable signs of excavation can be seen at the areas marked Yamantau Mountain and Mezhgorye. Two above-ground support cities, each housing 30,000 workers, are located at Beloretsk and Tirlyanskiy.

The very little that is known publicly about the site comes from Soviet-era intelligence officers, who defected to Great Britain and the United States. In public testimony before a House Armed Services Subcommittee last October, KGB defector Col. Oleg Gordievsky said the KGB had maintained a separate, top-secret organization, known as Directorate 15, to build and maintain a network of underground command bunkers for the Soviet leadership -- including the vast site beneath Yamantau Mountain.

"And what is interesting was that President Yeltsin and Russia's new democratic leaders are using those facilities, and the same service is still running the same facility, like it was 10, 15 years ago." --- Col. Oleg Gordievsky

Yamantau Mountain is so secret that only a handful of Russian government officials knows about it, says Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., who speaks Russian and travels frequently to Russia, chairing a congressional working group that discusses strategic issues with counterparts from the Russian Duma.

"I ask the Russians about it every time I meet with them... We've never had a straight answer."

Weldon got interested in Yamantau Mountain in 1995 when he saw a public report suggesting it was a vast mining project.

"I went to Moscow and spoke with the deputy interior minister who was in charge of mining," Weldon says. "I asked him if there was any mining activity there. He just shook his head and said he had never heard of it. So I mentioned the other name the Russians use for it: Mezhgorye. He said he hadn't heard of that either. Then he sent an aide out to check. Twenty minutes later, the aide came back, visibly shaken. He said they couldn't say anything about it."

Weldon also met with Andrei Kokoshkin, a former deputy defense minister, in charge of President Yeltsin's National Security Council.

"Kokoshkin called it a public works project, and said there was nothing to worry about, since the Defense Ministry had no involvement in it. So I brought out a copy of the Defense Ministry's budget -- it's only a few pages long -- and showed him the line item for Mezhgorye. He smiled and said it must be for bridges, roads and schools. When I then asked if I could see it, he said that could only be arranged through Yeltsin. The site was controlled directly by the president."

Weldon then tried sending a 3-page letter to Yeltsin in Russian.

"I told him all the things I was trying to do to foster better U.S.-Russia understanding, but said that I couldn't help if they couldn't clear up something as important as this. He never replied."

Where's the Money Coming From?

The cause for concern is that the US is currently sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Russia, supposedly to help that country dismantle old nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the Russian parliament has been complaining that it cannot pay $250 million in back wages owed to its workers at the same time that it is spending money to comply with new strategic arms reduction treaties.

Aviation Week and Space Technology reported that "It seems the nearly $30 billion a year spent on intelligence hasn't answered the question of what the Russians are up to at Yamantau Mountain in the Urals. The huge underground complex being built there has been the object of U.S. interest since 1992. 'We don't know exactly what it is,' says Ashton Carter, the Pentagon's international security mogul. The facility is not operational, and the Russians have offered 'nonspecific reassurances' that it poses no threat to the U.S."

The following is an excerpt from an interview between Chris Ruddy and Col. Stanislav Lunev, a Russian military intelligence officer who defected in 1992.†Col. Stanislav Lunev is the highest-ranking military intelligence officer ever to have defected from Russia.

You ask about Yamantau Mountain.†Well, this is a huge underground city, which could be used in time when many Russian cities are destroyed, but the military and political elite will survive and live until our planet will try to restore itself.

U.S. law states that the Administration must certify to Congress that any money sent to Russia is used to disarm its nuclear weapons. However, is that the case? If the Russian parliament is complaining of a shortage of funds for nuclear disarmament, then how can Russia afford to build the Yamantau complex?

Could American funds be subsidizing a Russian weapons factory? A "doomsday" shelter? Or possibly something even more sinister? We'd like to hear YOUR opinion. Write

The Ural Mountains, which are also called the Stone Belt, extend for 2500 km from the hot Kazakh steppes to the frozen coast of the Arctic Ocean. Geographers divide the Urals into five regions: South, Middle, North, Subarctic and Arctic Urals. The widest part of the Urals is called the South Urals, and comprises dozens of parallel ridges, bounded in the north and in the south by the valleys of Ufalei River and Ural River respectively. Steppe and forest-steppe landscapes are typical of the foothills in this part of the Urals. Higher in the mountains, the hillsides are covered with mixed forests and the highest peaks, like islands, emerge among the green ocean of forest. The highest mountains of the South Urals - Yamantau (1640 m) and Bolshoi Ieremele (1582 m) - are located in the western row of ridges.

See this link.


  1. So America is not the only country preparing for nuclear war with these mammoth underground bunkers. They should not be paying for it however. I have heard of this in Russia before but not so much detail.

    When and if that day comes, I live at the seashore right beside a naval base. I figure I will go swimming..... The thought of living underground is appalling to me.

See these two links:



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mount Yamantau is in the Ural Mountains, Bashkortostan, Russia. The name means bad (evil) mountain in the Bashkir language (Яман тау). It is also known as Mount Yamantaw. It stands at 1,640 metres (5,381 ft) and is the highest mountain in the southern Urals. Along with Kosvinsky Mountain (600 km to the north), it is suspected by the United States of being a large secret nuclear facility and/or bunker. The closed military town of Mezhgorye is situated nearby. As late as 2003, Yamantaw was not yet fully operational.

Large excavation projects have been observed by U.S. satellite imagery as recently as the late 1990s, during the time of Boris Yeltsin's government after the fall of the Soviet Union. Twogarrisons, Beloretsk-15 and Beloretsk-16, were built on top of the facility, and possibly a third,Alkino-2, as well, and became the closed town of Mezhgorye in 1995. They are said to house 30,000 workers each. Repeated U.S. questions have yielded several different responses from the Russian government regarding Mount Yamantaw. They have said it is a mining site, a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area, and a bunker for leaders in case of nuclear war. Responding to questions regarding Yamantaw in 1996, Russia's Defense Ministry stated: "The practice does not exist in the Defense Ministry of Russia of informing foreign mass media about facilities, whatever they are, that are under construction in the interests of strengthening the security of Russia." Large rail lines serve the facility.


Description above from the Wikipedia article Mount Yamantau, licensed under CC-BY-SA full list of contributors here. Community Pages are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone associated with the topic.



Description above from the Wikipedia article Bashkir language, licensed under CC-BY-SA full list of contributors here. Community Pages are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone associated with the topic.

To the Cabalist Jew - "Israel" is not expendable.



Interesting thought below, but to the Cabalist Jew - "Israel" is not expendable. This is a delaying tactic until they strike.


What Cabala is and what it leads to.

God and His Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord - our right and duty to witness to Him: Cabala



Egyptian-African pre-Christian Gnostic Witchcraft, the beginning of Voodoo & variants of Occultism Click on picture. - The seven point magical star of Remphan (6 outer points and a center point).



The Antichrist and the False Prophet
click on picture

This is Cabala infiltrating into Islamic civilization.

And into the West at the same time via the Talmudists.

And Qabalah continues in it’s Devil’s work. Note this concerning the below, in Islam, freemasonry and all connected to it, is considered heresy and not part of Muslim confession of God. The Muslims call freemasonry a "hawk" which means exactly that it is heresy and wrong. Traditional Catholics agree with Muslims on this. Both Catholics and Muslims worship the true God.

The purpose of Cabala is to build a false temple.


Beware the rebuilt temple. It is damnation for all who align themselves with it.
click on picture.


There is only one way out for the Jews from being bound to Satan and Satan's plan to be worshiped in the rebuilt temple.

The way out of the 18 temple benedictions

This is the root of all the Jews' problems in this world and the next - they must repent of the blasphemy they made against God, see 18 temple benedictions wherein the Jews cursed God and His messiah. This is also why they are the total problem maker for the world in every way. They have bound themselves to it. They must escape that if we are to ever have peace. For them to escape it they must RENOUNCE IT. This is the root and source and continuing trap for not just them but the rest of us. It must be ended.

And to effectively renounce it they must accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah